WK11-Student Choice- Part 4

Version 1
Version 2

3. I thought that the strengths of version 1 was that I think the colors I chose went together really well and I think that it was clear what it was suppose to be.

4. I thought the weaknesses of version 1 was that the designs on it where done a little messily and I wanted to make it more crisp.

5. I could only find one video that reviews my piece but they said that they really liked the the piece and thought that the designs in the elephant was a good way to add some more creativity to it.

6. This time I wanted to make the designs on the inside more crisp can clean lines. I also this time made those designs white and black cause I felt like it really popped off of the bright back ground of the elephant.

7. I feel like both of my tries were successful but personally I like version 2 a lot better because I love crisp lines and I feel like the designs I put in version 2 work better together.




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Sydnie Paul

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